Just got Tritton AX Pros. Questions...

So I just got them because my TB DX 11's headphones went bad for the third time.  After one to two months with my new set, one of the speakers would start to rattle.  I never even played them too loud.   I really liked the sound of the DX 11's but the quality of their speakers is obviously ***.   Luckily my warrenty covered all of them and allowed me to upgrade to the Pros for only a little more.  My problem is I can't seem to adjust the settings right.  One particular aspect in any given game always sounds weird. 


What are your ideal settings?  Settings that seem OK to me: Fronts-high white, Rears-middle white, Centers-low white, Subs-low white (LFD2).  Fronts-middle white, Rears-high white, Centers-low white, Subs-low white (Black OPs).  I know the inside of the case suggests 321?, respectively.  I've seen conflicting videos on whether this pertains to colors, or number of toggles apart.  Also, do you mess with the time delay settings?


Please help me!  I originally posted this in the A/V forums but I'm posting this here to see if I can get a reply.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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