just got this

I just bought this and i am new to halo,ive only played abit in the past on the original xbox.ive just started the campaign on legendary on my first playthrough.i wanna get it done and start playing the mp.could anyone tell me how long the campaign takes?and how difficult it is?cheers.


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I have not done it in a while, but there are several locations in levels which will take a few tries or special tactics to get through. I really know don't how long it took me.

I would highly recommend NOT playing through legendary on the first time. You won't really get a chance to immerse yourself in the story, as beating it on Legendary is quite the challenge and the feat. And being new to Halo, you probably won't have much success.



I suggest doing a run on Normal first. Get used to the controls, play through the storyline so you can actually focus on the story and see how good it is. Then do Legendary. Legendary takes a LONG time for most. For example, the very last level took me over 3 hours to complete on Legendary. It's really tough. A Normal play through will be around 8 hours. Legendary is much longer for most people.

I agree with Noble. Also try playing some co-op or ff games.

cheers,i think that is right what you say,i went for it,im on level 3 now,i did get stuck for a good hour or so on the start of this where you have to fight your way through a big arena type area,im gonna keep going for it tho,im looking forward to the mp,i mainly play BF or CRYSIS atm.whats it like in comparison?does it have many objective based games?

There are many different play list you can play. All Slayer playlist like team or solo(slayer is halos team death match). Then there are objective only playlist.Objective game types range from variates of CTF, Assault(Plant the bomb at enemy base), Oddball(Pick up the skull get points, but you are number 1 target), and many others.

Being that you have been playing Crysis 2 the online for Halo should not be that big of a leap for you. There are armor abilities similar to that of Crysis 2, and it takes a lot of damage to kill someone.

Reach is not my favorite experience of all the Halo games, but you will have fun.

Nice 1,cheers dudes,just gotta crack the campaign now and get my @@@ playing!

seriously if you gonna try your first run on legendary, take your time and never rush in this will help you a lot, at least I know it worked for me