Just Got Deranked a level?

I have no idea what happened but I was playing a game of "Gun Master" on one of the new Close Quarters maps and when it ended it said I was -1,400,000/6,0000.


And now I am for some reason having to have to restart back at the beginning of level 41 even though I was about 1/4th of the way into 42... Any ideas? Its not really that big of an issue just wondering what happened.



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Similar things happen to me now and then where it says I have 0% on my assignments and I've been chucked back one level now and then. No idea what causes it but it is probably just a glitch that cause your progress not to save.

Did you join a game right when it ended? If so then that bug always happens. You don't get deranked and you don't lose your rank. If you did lose rank with this glitch I would still probably be level 1. It happens a lot to me.

Could be a glitch. According to bf3stats.com/.../dubstep%20kittens you are currently level 42 with

33,250 points to go until you hit 43.

Yea, your fine. You didn't lose a level or anything.