Just got back into the MP...

... and I'd forgotten the fun I had, playing with friends who just wanted to have fun. I admit, I'm still ticked off at the damnable low 'floating drop rate' for Ultra Rare weapons... but still, there's something here I haven't encountered in BF 3/4 or CoD Ghosts. So I'll be online this weekend playing this, if anyone's interested hit me up.


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Glad to hear you're having fun with it again. I'm not sure how often I'll be on during the time we typically used to play, but I'll keep a look out for you and join your party if we're online together.

[quote user="Deaths Head 200"]

there's something here I haven't encountered in BF 3/4 or CoD Ghosts.


Yeah, no question that the developers are to be commended for this Multiplayer, many thought that the disappointments with the Single Player made the Multiplayer perhaps look better than it really did at first, but the fact that what's essentially ONE MP MODE still holds considerable replay value speaks volumes on its high quality.  Sometimes it takes playing other Multiplayer games to really appreciate what BioWare have done here...:-)

Welcome back, send a xbox friend request if you like.  Usually find me on Gold or Platinum...off to the slaughter...

[quote user="Deaths Head 200"]but still, there's something here I haven't encountered in BF 3/4 or CoD Ghosts[/quote]You should try playing Horde mode in Gears of War 2 or 3 and I think you'll find much the same experience.

Great maps and people who on the whole are willing to work as a team.

@Kimieva : I had fun the time we played the other day. I'll try to get online more often.


@Arkham99 : True, after playing other MP games, the team based style of ME3 is great to come back to... after the idiot lone wolves or John Rambo's in others >.<


@KUJO0116 : I'll send you a FR when I'm next online and we can play a few matches.


@voteDC : I have to admit, I'm not a fan of the GoW series. I've played the first and it just didn't appeal to myself at all. Maybe as it's free this month on Games with Gold, I'll download it again and give it another shot to try and get me into it.

I'm not a fan of the first Gears of War. I found it needlessly frustrating in some sections.


The second and third are great though and as I mentioned Horde mode is just as much fun as the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer.

I'm back as well.... Something about the challenges and earning the background plates in MP drew me back in.  Plus, there are things about the multiplay that I think Bioware did well.  For instance, I don't spawn and die in 15 seconds like in Call of Duty.  I also like the squad  against AI concept.    

I also think the Mass Effect universe is one of the best as far as creativity and immersive story line.

Mostly playing bronze or Silver right now.  Working on "Earth" challenge and the "N7" challenge.   Look me up if you want to play a round or two...  - R