Just Got A Xbox

Any one want to play L4D 1,2 or Halo add me OVERDOSED665 

Please dont troll i just want some friends to play with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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Welcome Welcome, OVERDOSED665, to Xbox LIVE. :) Hope you enjoy your time here.

Welcome. Hope you have thick skin. You're going to need it!

Welcome to the darkside of the force.

Previously known as Win7Xbox 360

Be ready to get a new anus torn for you by the PS3 fanboys across the globe.

Word for the wise: Don't openly defend Halo as the best game of all - time. You never win.

I have a PS3 ,Wii all systems not a fanboy but i do like Xbox for the games,store layout etc...   Allso Halo isnt not the best game of all time, time is not over and there are differant games that offer differant gameplay i dont like the fact that in Halo you cant ADS ect... But i love the guns gameplay and the community.

Well as of right now i own  Halo3,Halo ODST, L4D 1and 2, Shellshocked Blood Trails,and Metro 2033 and some others So if anyone wants to jam on some FPS's Add me Sorry no COD have them for PS3 (i wish right now i had it for Xbox For the new MP)  OVERDOSED665 add me

Welcome to the community.

I sent you a friend request.

Feel free to hit me up for Halo 3 MP or ODST. I still need to finish that game.

Take care.

Welcome to Xbox LIVE and the forums.

Don't forget to sign up at Rewards.Xbox.com  & Bing Rewards so you can get free MSP!

At the cost of using a crappy browser.

Welcome to Xbox Live, I hope you enjoy your new system as much as I enjoy mine.

Remember always log in to your windows live ID regularly and never wait 90 days between signing in.