Just found a Dungeon...

In the Tutorial level...

To find said dungeon and it's lewt head past the starting area towards the small town. When you see what looks to be a mine opening but is blocked, dig down and to your right about 3 blocks down and 4-5 blocks over. You should find a small cave, make sure to have a sword and food as I had to kill about 5 zombies here. There is iron and coal in this area, once you've looked around head to the furthest side opposite of where you entered the cave. Face the wall that is south of you, use your map, south is down. Starting digging a staircase out of the wall, go down 1 block each step and clear atleast four blocks around you in a square. Keep doing this till you are about 9 blocks down, if you keep going you should notice the blocks are now cobblestone instead of stone. This is the wall of the dungeon, you should be hearing the monsters by now.

Now just clear out the monsters and make sure to place a torch ontop of the monster spawner in the middle or they'll keep coming back! Since the Tutorial map is the same for everyone this dungeon should be here.


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Update, I found 3 iron, 10 wheat, 2 coco beans and a saddle. Had to kill about 5-6 spiders to get to it. The monster spawner though in the middle has the pig inside it so I'm not 100% positive it will spawn spiders. I lit it to be safe.

when u inside that small dungeon there is on left side when u dig 3-4 down another bigger lava room and on right side same .. whit some gold veins etc

Those wanting to get the 'when pigs fly' achievement, this is a great spot to get your first saddle if you are lucky. If you get one, just find a big that is somewhere up towards a hill and use it on them, while riding them, try to punch them towards a cliff, not enough to kill them though. If they fall you'll get it.

There is a second dungeon further under the first one, I had to dig randomly to find it. I'll try to give directions once I clear it.

Hey in the tutorial at the coordinates

X: -109 Y: 15 Z: 54 starts a patch of 8 dyamond