Just for Fun! (maybe spoilers.)

Last night I guess I got somewhat bored in my lengthy travels about Skyrim. I decided to try out some new shouts. I used "Cyclone" on some bears and a elk. You really need to try this shout. It was totally hilarious to see the outcome. Then later I used it on Mavens Mercs up by the cottage. Killed them without any bounty and no one else came to their rescue. Then I sent it down river for some mudcrab stew. I couldn't find the little beggars after that. lol!

Have any of you just tried things out for Fun?


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I can't recall using that one Mr. Vee.  I'm sure going to try it now though! My girls will love it if it tosses bad guys around like rag dolls. Sounds almost as fun as Fus Ro Dah when used in conjunction with a sheer precipice. I'm on it when I get home.

I'm not sure if any of you tried Dragon's Dogma, which is also a great game...there's a spell in that game that's similar to Cyclone, but on a much more epic scale.  It's seriously one of the most devastating looking effects I've seen in a game.  But back to your question, I did try out a lot more shouts lately, and realized there were some gems I'd missed.  I remember trying a fully upgraded Force in the Soul Cairn...tossed a Keeper right off the edge and one-shotted it.  It's too bad the game didn't give options for an actual "Shout" build that allowed you to reduce cooldowns and change the mapping on the controller for multiple buttons.  But I suppose some of them are just so overpowered that  they might break the game being able to spam them.

I tend to not use shouts except for Aura Whisper and Become Ethereal. I did FUS a draughr deathlord down a hole once in retaliation for him doing it to me. I don't think I have ever had Cyclone does it have a long cooldown? I should play with shouts, that sounds like fun.


Basher, I started Dragon's Dogma and have really enjoyed it but got sidetracked back into Skyrim. I will return to it once I finish with my mage. There's a lot I like about that game. I even like the followers. I don't remember the spell you refer to but I may not be advanced enough yet. My character is…surprise…a sorcerer. I like the character creation as well.

I really had to do Kagruganzel three times. I think that's the proper spelling. Thought maybe there was a way to not fall to my death. I did make it after the first time but you will fall no matter what. I did figure out that you can't shout after your falling.

If you don't want to fall, don't touch the strange Orb with dead people all around it. lol.

Oh and by the way, Cyclone does have a pretty long cooldown but not too bad.

I'm thinking, next I'll go to Karthspire and release Karrstag along with a Storm call. Then run up onto my usual perch and watch the chaos.

I cheated after I fell the first time at Kagrenzel. I read the wiki to find out the trick and so only fell and died once. As for falling or getting tossed, yes, hat's why I hate it. The bad guys can move up and knock you down again before you can do anything. That's why I have developed the special invisibility/sneak ploy at Ansilvunde. Those two named draugr/spirits will knock you down and stomp on you and you will never get up to strike even one blow if they do. You must get the crazy lady before she calls them or have a good plan B if you miss her the first time.

I remember Ansilvunde. I tried it with Dawnbreaker once and they actually disarmed me. That and trying to get up was a real trick. Ticked me off when they can get right back up but we can't. That's where the chain lightning thing came in handy. Slurped a few Ultimate Magika and threw that at them a couple times. I survived finally.

I just sneak in where I can get a clear shot and take a boosting potion so I can one shot the crazy lady. Last time that didn't work out so good so I had to hide from the spirits so I could get them before they disarmed and squashed me.

The shouts in this elder scrolls fun innovation. I have tried a few shouts out and I use them when the quest requires me to. Mostly I rather hit NPC in the back like the lawmen and outlaws of the old west.

Great suggestion on the shout Angelus... Saturday my oldest used the Cyclone shout on the Dremora that appear during "Pieces Of The Past". She had them lined up perfectly and we laughed out loud when both were flung ***-end over teacups off the high perch of Dagon's shrine. Heard both of their death rattles, but we only found one of them, so looting only yielded one Deadra heart. I think those two re-spawn so we'll be going back there once they do for more insanity.

Okay last night I got the Ebony Warrior. Tough little red guard dude. Worth the trouble as he was loaded to the hilt with cool stuff and gear. I might try to give it all to Argus. Anyway, in an attempt to force the Legendary Dragon, Jardis and I went on a dragon killing spree. No luck but we got a Blood, Ancient, two plains and two Elders before I gave up to bring all the loot back to Heljarchen. I have all my clan dressed out with Carved Nordic, Light and Heavy Dragon with all health absorbing Nordic weapons now. Only the Stewards of the hearthfire homes have to stay home now. Lydia, Calder and Gregor. I try to change out the others once a week. Jardis is quickly becoming a tank but she won't use magic. Argus and Valdimar have actually started to use Familiars and dual wield sword and staff. They still won't recharge their own weapons though. I found that if you let them pick up the books they use them but I did have to give them in the right order. I'm trying to pay enough attention to who uses what kind of magic and such so as to outfit them with the most benefit. My conjuration is up over 50 along with destruction, alteration and illusion. I've taken to beating up Horkers with my one bare hand, trying to take one out before Jardis plants them with Daedric arrows. I do cast a few spells on them also some time. That Ash Shell is funny but I then have to wait for them to thaw out. You can't interact with anything that has been encased for 30 seconds but the last Bandit got up and didn't remember they were in a fight. lol! Does anyone know if there is a trick to get that Legendary Dragon to appear quicker or do I just have to wait for it?

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