Just finished and a question--- SPOILERS

Fellow gamers, apologies in advance if this has been answered already.....

I just finished my first play through and *** SPOILERS*** now the credits have completed and I'm back to Catwoman.

I know I have a few trophies to still collect as her, but there is ONE in the Industrial DIstrict by the cranes that is slightly elevated from the ground behind a breakable wall. Apparently Batman has to break the wall first earlier in the game. I did not do this as Batman, so the wall is sealed. If I complete my 'get your loot as Catwoman and leave Arkham City' then how can I get it?

What I want to know is can I still go back later and get it somehow? Not sure when and how you keep switching between Batman and Catwoman.

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Thanks to both of you for clarifying this...... something so simple but yet a little mystifying.


you have total free roam to collect any remaining trophies after finishing all missions.

you can swap between the characters at any time using the cat symbols on your map.


looking at your cheivos you have a lot of batmans to collect too as well as side missions to finish as well.

don`t forget catwoman can collect batmans trophies, but not the other way round.

After the game is over you can go back in and work on getting the trophies. When I fished the game I had over half of the trophies left. There will be points throughout the city where you can switch between Catwoman and Batman. Also, if you decide to start a new game plus, you will be able to go into the original game file and continue where you left off without losing any data.