Just curious... did anyone else get the N7 Warfare Pack DLC?

Well... I purchased my copy of the N7 Collector's Edition last night... and found that I didn't receive the N7 Warfare Pack DLC code (The N7 Defender Armor and Valkyrie **** Rifle). Upon correspondence with the Head Office of the store I had preordered it from (Yes, I preordered it at the only store here in Australia which was named by EA/BioWare as having the DLC for preorder customers), I discovered that due to shortsightedness on EA/BioWare's part, 'not enough' DLC codes were made available.


While no numbers were given of how many were issued, and it may just be a small, trivial matter... the fact that it was advertised as being available for preorder customers and not being able to collect it, has made me somewhat annoyed at EA/BioWare.


So... NO, I am NOT asking for the DLC code or anything like that. I'm asking if anyone received their code or not, and if they received any further information on behalf of this.


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Holy crap, I'm glad I bothered to stop by. I pre-ordered copy N7 Collector's Edition at GameStop. I was so into the additions from the actually swag that I forgot to check my receipt with the N7 Warfare pack dlc code on it. Thank gawd I still have it. I just used it now so I can't really give any information just yet, but I did just want to say thank you for bring attention to it.

As for not printing out enough codes.... not sure how that whole process works but it doesn't seem like it should have been an issue.