Just curious about this forum & website

Why are these xbox forums and xbox.com the slowest loading websites on the internet, sometimes they load like i was on a 56k modem. Of all the websites ive visited xbox.com is the slowest. Its not like the forums are content-laden.. Ive been to sites which are feature and content rich and the load instantly, yet xbox.com takes a long time.

Just wondered is why.


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It take a long time to load awesomesauce.

I'm just curious why you posted here in the Games Discussions and not here in the Forums Feedback section.  Just wondering why. 

As for it being slow, mine's not and I have the slowest DSL AT&T offers.


Because they were programmed by Maroons.

because i was in the games part and also not been  on forums for nearly 2 years.

It's one of the slowest for me too.

This entire site is broken. Aside from it all loading slow as hell, it also has broken features everything...every time I try to "favorite" a forum, it tells me I've found a glitch in the system. It also locks up constantly, forcing me to click on a link 3-8 times before the page actually starts to load.

It's almost four months since this forum design launched and they can't even get the text formatting  for posting correct.

There has been little improvement in that time so that leads me to believe one of two things.

1) The website coding for the forum is such a poor and broken mess that the problems can't be fixed by either Microsoft or Telligent.

2) They simply can't be bothered to fix it.

Now I'm not sure which is worse to be honest. One thing I do know for sure though is that a forum that functions this poorly almost four months after release does not speak well of the web talents of the Microsoft team or the people from Telligent who've worked on it.

The forums aren't perfect, but I haven't as many issues with them as I did about a month ago. I know that there are some areas that they could really be improved upon, but at the same time they are showing a bit more promise than they did initially. Part of me wonders if we could switch to a pre-built system such as Invision or XenForo, but I doubt it due to the sheer size and complexity of Xbox.com.  If something doesn't load, try middle clicking it so it loads in a new tab. That seems to force it to load, but it only works if you have a physical mouse.

The issues I had with the forum at the start of this new design are still present now.

Slow loading times really cripples the usability of the forum and make the rest of the issues feel a lot worse than they probably are.

Navigation is poor with lots of redundant links. Why does the link in the drop down menu for UK Xbox General Discussion not take me to that board but rather to a page that contains a link to that board.

Then of course there is the text formatting issue that has been there since the beta. Well to be fair it is now a different formatting issue but it relates to the same problem of paragraphing.

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