Just coming back to sayyy.....

This game is a million times better than Mw3. 


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Totally agree!!!

hell yea but ur last game played is MW3

This might sound a little unbelievable, but I have had MW3 almost since release day. To this day, it still sites on my cumputer table factory sealed. I dont know why, I just cant seem to bring myself to open it.

Really? Why not play it? I only play MW3 when my friends are on, they like it. I like BO much better than MW3. At least I have played it and can agree with the OP.

To be honest I wasn't going to buy it but broke down and did. Wish my friends would go back to BO's.

I bought MW3 on launch day as well, and after playing it for so long and being constantly frustrated, my friends and I jumped back onto Black Ops and remembered how CoD should feel. I wish I hadn't spent the money on MW3, because it feels so broken compared to Blops.

I never really liked Blops, I got nothing against it, it's just the spawn system really frustrates me and the weapons too...

I've been dancing back and forth between Blops and MW3, when I'm not playing Skyrim, and Blops is just better.  And maybe its just me, but the last stretch of games I've played on Blops have seemed more far competitive than they used to be.  Maybe MW3 stole the weaker players away?  

You think the Spawn system is broken in Black Ops? Have you ACTUALLY compared MW3 and BO? - Yes, in Blops you can spawn trap and manipulate spawns. As you should. Demo on Firing Range is just span trap central. But as far as it goes, someone will literally spawn within knifing distance of you in MW3. I only played about 7 games of MW2 ever and a few were FFA's. I won everyone of those because I sat in one spot and shot a spawner before he could move. Anyway, Black Ops feels much better then MW3. Hit Markers-R-Us in that terrible game.

Black Ops MP is ten times the game that MW3 is,but I must say the campaign was better on MW3 and Spec Ops beats zombies in my opinion.

With that said,I have done everything on MW3 now and MP doesn't appeal to me so GAME OVER.