Just Bought.

So i just bought this game.... not played it yet as i've had things to do. Can't wait, it looks fricking awesome! If anyones up for some online add me - Mostly looking forward to just roaming about with some people, see what the games like, Maybe do a little bit of hunting or what not, Anyway i should be on later tonight, if anyones game don't hesitate to add me.


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I've seen the vid on the dash board yeah but I've just read the preview in this months OXM UK and I like the idea of what seems to be a fantasy-medevil game, I also like the sound of switching between 1st and 3rd person.

But with so many games coming out that I want, GoW3, MW3, FIFA 2011, Formula 1 2001 [all preordered] and I baught RDR yesterday for £19 [$37 approx] along with Skyrim, Forza 4, Dirt 3, I can afford to buy them all, but games like Dirt 3 aren't mass market so I'll wait for it to drop in price, maybe the same with F1 2011, still deciding if to keep the order or not.

Thanks for your help GeeFoo, if theres anything else you can think of that will sell me Skyrim please let me know, stephen!

Yo yo yo, Gee Foo, is Oblivion good? and is it worth buying Skyrim from release?

So i played the game today ... and i love it already! best game ever!

- Making an account on that site Triple ;)

@SMoGi3 II tK - Oblivions alright, Not the best game in the world but i can get addicting, Skyrim on the other hand looks amazing! have you seen the trailer on the dashboard? I've already pre-ordered it.

I was meaning to buy this game since release and just baught it last night, a lad I know said its like Grand Theft Auto but in the wild west! I I love it!!!


check out this place

no problem mate, If i find anything interesting about Skyrim i'll let you know :)

I get on the Xbox at like 8:30-9PM EST. >.> The women, they take over my Xbox!

welcome to the game.It's the best it the WORLD!!!!