Just bought this game

Just bought this game after hearing many positive things about it and also that it can be a challenge. When it comes to any rpg game I prefer sword and shield combo so am looking for advice on anything to this style.


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Well I wouldn't know what to tell you, but if you need help with anything you could always just ask what the problem is.

One thing I should mention though, is to go to your weapons / shields menu and read what all the things mean. This way you know wether to level up dexterity or strength, and you can decide which shield suits you better.

One more thing ; stay under 50% of your carry weigth. Only items that you have equiped count towards this, and as long as you're under 50% you don't get a slow roll. :)

For swords, good ones are the Longsword, Balder Side Sword, and Silver Knight Straight Sword. The latter two will come later in the game. You can also try using claymore / *** sword. They can be one handed also, but are slower and heavier. There's a lot of shields and they mostly depend on the situation you're in.

#1 tip I can give to new players - level up you weapons and equipment first, not your character (uness you need weapon/magic handling stats)