Just bought this game any hints/tips (Spoilers Welcome).

I'm downloading the dlc now any hints/tips would be welcome.


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1) Do not "HOLD HANDS" and fast-travel with anyone to bowerstone castle (only manually walk there) 2) You need x-box gold - live to get best play in this game AND A HEADSET. 3) by all properties you can in game when you can. 4) the weapons, and clothing achievements are a horror to achieve. and most importantly HAVE FUN

Make lots of money early on, before pushing the story too far.

Oh the DLC's Sorry - invite someone as a henchman that doesn't have the dlcs so he can see them. The wheel of Misfortune is a great place to upgrade weapons :) Buy all the properties on Clockwork Island and Understone to get MO MONEY MO MONEY MO MONEY! The Traitors Keep does not start till after you completed main quest-  Get the new achievments associated with the DLC's and have FUN!


Thanks for all the tips/help.