Just beat the big butterfly got a key, not to sure where to go?

So yeah i beat the big butterfly, got the basement key? the door its meant for i think i had already opened with master key, theres these big ice enemies and a big boss shooting crap at me from lake/sea

or i can get to another spot down a ledge with bonfire that leads to a deadend room with purple drakes

Im not really to sure what to do, i can beat all the ice enemies but the lake boss wastes me, my shield cant even take the magic damage, i can beat about 2 purple drakes before my health is all used up, do i need to beat them ll to open that big door behind them?

Any tips on where i should be heading? thanks


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Hi DRGreenThumbs sorry if im a bit confussed, but it sounds to me like you went through upper undead burg. Picked up the basement key. Moved on to upper Darkroot Garden. Defeatet the Moonlight Butterfly, and moved on to lower Darkroot garden where youre now facing the crystal golums, and the lake Hydra.Theres actually a fairly good describtion on how to defeat the Hydra just a bit further Down this page, so im not going to get into any details on how to do this. But you want to be heading towards the Depths NeXT. You dont want to go Down by the bonfire with the purple Drakes. Much better to be comming from the other side when heading into BlightTown.When you have defeatet the Hydra head back toward the bonfire in upper undead burg, and the blacksmith.All the way back through the undead burg, all the way back to where you met Knight Solaire on the bridge. Thats where you find the basement door. Go Down there, and then the other way back up to open a shortcut to the undeadburg bonfire, before heading back Down to aquire the key to the depths. Good luck!

After beating the Moonlight Butterfly, you get the "Watchtower Basement Key" which is the key you use to get to Havel if you don't have the master key.  The "Basement Key" is the one on the corpse next to the gate that closes in Undead Parish (by the boar).


The quickest way to get to the Basement door is to go through Havel's area all the way up the stairs to where you fought the Taurus Demon.  Cross that bridge and go to the bridge where the dragon is.  Straight across is the Basement door.