just beat it on Veteran for the second time (different gamertag)

Only took me a day...but wow what a horrible single player lol

the tank in the tank mission was almost undrivable, hit detection was very iffy, team a.i was some of the worst in a game, and enemy a.i was some of the cheapest (on Veteran at least)

how did this game get good reviews? lol, hard to remember five years ago but i guess it was great for its time

luckily i still love the multiplayer (even tho theres no sprinting, WTF!)

makes you realize how far games have come tho even in a pretty short time


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[quote user="FearMeInside"]makes you realize how far games have come tho even in a pretty short time[/quote]I forgot how great this game was back in the day. I beat it on veteran back in 2007. It's great to see how far the call of duty franchise has come!

i totally agree...btw how did you quote me like that? lol

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Im stuck on this. Objective E, Capture the german HQ. been stuck on it for ages !!

Any tips to getting past it?

I remember being all happy when I first bought this game, thinking it was the best game ever. When you play it now, you see how far the gaming industry has advanced since 05

The call of duty franchise has come far? What are you guys smoking? COD has sold out.. the last decent game was COD4.

How far gaming has come? More like how far gaming has fallen!

Yea, when you play it now, it does seem a little dated.   But when I first got it, I needed a mop to clean up all the drool.  I agree about the tank parts too, I HATED them.  

Amazing game-play

This has to be the best single player war game ever. The atmosphere was electric. You actually felt like a part of the war. So so tense, AMAZING!