Just a small idea.

I'm going to spin off of Green Eyed Leo idea to try to keep this section going. We do need to be more active as gaming parents.  Not sure if you all have any ideas but please post them up. I happen to think we play a pretty important part on the LIVE community. One thing I would think would be good is if they were able to create a Gamerparents Treehouse like the old GamerchiX Treehouse. Now I know this will never happen but hey, just trying to keep the forum active ;}


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Well for the most part it is this section. However the GamerchiX Treehouse had members that were a lot more active then others. They went out and took the initiative to make things happen for them and their group. They even had a special badge on the gamecards on the forums. That way anyone one looking to join or simply take part in game nights and such knew who to talk to. If you look at ZombieTrons gamer card you can see the badge.


Like I said I know it will not happen in a official way but maybe we can do something our self?????  IDK just a thought.

I think its a great idea for wanting to keep this part of the fourm going.  To Fyerball, is that section the Gamer Parents Thread?  I could have missed your point all together??

Sign me (and Lady Amazing) up for sports day.  Weekends would be best.  Great idea btw.


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Awesome! im glad my idea is a hit so far.



Obviously issues revolve around child ages and what parents allow or do not allow their kids to see/play so the games are a bit of a pain.



Although if anybody wanted to throw in game suggestions and modes which could be used i could create a list and if anybody else wanted draw up some sort of division/leaderboard for those that wish to participate it would be quite nice!



Could also do end of round, fun interviews for the kids to say how they rinsed all the adults ! (just suggesting little fun ideas)

Im up for playing some family v family and parents v kids, if something can be arranged?

Not bad with either idea. I have FORA 4 paid for in full WOOT!!!!  I will be all over that game for sure.

Upcoming game Forza 4 could be good fun, especially with the top gear track,

Gamerperent star in a reasonably priced car fastest lap , all good fun!


it may liven up the forum a bit, i know its only one more thread suggestion but who knows where it could take you??!!

How about a perants and kids sports day/month?

only downer is if you dont own kinect ....... and kinect sports and soon kinect sports2

could have 5 different sports, and go in teams of 2 or whichever and have

  • kids vs perants

  • family Vs family

    And winner gets braggin rights or something, it could be done as a monthly challenge on kinect sports take a pic of your scores and link them here or thumbnail whichever your allowed to do now

im, sure there are other games you could do this sorts of thing with......doesnt have to be sports, could be gears horde in fastest time or beast mode (i know age ratings and gore, im just using it as an example)

The Treehouse was just what the Gamerchix section on the forums was called, there was a gaming forum and a general chat forum. This forum is pretty much the same anyway, except you don't need to be a vetted member to contribute.

If you want to have general posts, I am pretty sure they wont be removed or locked as long as they are still vaguely about gamer parents and family gaming.

What was the GamerChix Treehouse about??