Just a question on tokens

Do you ever run out...you only ever seem to get 1 possible unlock every couple lvl's and you get a token every time you level.....am I missing something here?


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Permanent unlocks are 1 for every 55 levels (1 prestige), unlock tokens are 1 for every lvl. You are supposed to keep all your unlock tokens until you prestige when everything resets (except weapon progress and stats), permanent unlocks stay with you until you use them.

I get the permanent unlock thing...but the regular makes no sence..even if you kept all your tokens you still have lvl requirments to unlock stuff and you always have enough tokens,

You're kind of being unclear in what you're asking...


It makes perfect sense.  1 unlock token per level gained.  You can unlock a total of 55 things.  The permanent unlock you receive when you prestige makes the item you choose unlocked forever, you never have to use an unlock token.  The level requirements are there because you still need to rank up to earn the more powerful weapons, perks, equipment, and scorestreaks.


Unless you go to Master Prestige, where all items unlock, it's impossible to unlock absolutely everything.

I use my tokens almost immediately on things I know I want (after I went through the 1st initial 55 levels) & never have enough tokens. I end up having to wait. :(


Oh well. I'd prefer that over having 500 unused tokens - another reason I was never sure I liked BO1 (you'd always have more COD points than you needed).