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Hi, I just bought BF: BC 2, well sort of. I'd rented it earlier, but I decided to buy the ultimate edition today. The bar on the top of the game case says that the game comes bundled with Battlefield: 1943, and Onslaught mode, but after I entered my VIP code, it says that Onslaught Mode is 400 MS points, and I also have no idea how to access 1943.

Is it possible that this is because I am still in the middle of that 1.64 GB update, am I looking in the wrong places, or did I just read the label wrong?

Thanks anyone who helps.


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The codes for Onslaught and BF1973 are on the other side of the paper that has the VIP code,

BF1973 is that the Vietnam version?

So there is going to be a new edition version coming out that will have the VIP maps, Onslaught, 1943 and Vietnam.

If you just started you're going to need some experienced guys to play with, and that I can help you with. Send me an FR if you want to squad up, I like showing FNGs the ropes.

Ok, now I feel like an idiot. Thank you so much lol.

Battlefield 1973 is an Xbox LIVE Arcade title. Vietnam is an expansion for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Two different titles from the same developer.

^ BF 1943.