Just a few questions about this game?

I'm new to this series,with fallout 3 being my 1st and all. After completing it. I'm very interested in getting this game.

But whats holding me off,from what i heard this game is pretty buggy,and crashes quite a bit. Those 2 problems

are kind of holdin me back from buying this game. So my questions are.


1) Did they patch all the problems that plague this game?

2) When you create a weapon will you have to go to shops to buy attachments(Upgrades) or collect other schematics to unlock the new version of the gun with the attachment?


3)Are you allowed to nuke small towns,like nuking megaton in fallout 3? hehehhe


4) Did they improve the 3rd person view point? It was pretty terrible in fallout 3.


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You can get the game NEW for $20. That's an incredibly good deal but to answer your questions:

1.) They patched a bunch of different bugs, but unfortunately new bugs are always appearing, though nothing game breaking (at least for me.)

2.) Kind of. You don't exactly create your weapons, you just equipped mods to them that increase accuracy, mag size, etc. Mods can be bought from most stores. No schematics either.

3.) Sadly you can't determine the fate of another town this time.

4.) Its pretty much the same as it was in FO 3.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the help,greatly appreciated. Sucks you can't determine the fate of the town,i still get a lolz out of that in fallout 3. Either way game sounds pretty,good ill probally pick it up after i finish fallout 3.

Pretty much what Meshuggala wrote.  You do determine the fates of different people & areas in the game, but not in the way you're thinking.   Is the game, buggy?  Certainly, but just as with the previous Fallout game have multiple saves & save often that way when things go out of whack you won't be hurt as bad.   You can create some weapons in this one, mainly of the melee & explosives variety, so have decent Repair & Science skills.   Fair warning, I'm a bit biased with this Fallout; I vastly prefer it to the last, but I'll try & be as fair as I can. 


Here's some of the things they changed from the previous Fallout:

  • No Bobbleheads.
  • Certain skills were removed & balled up into other skills, Heavy Weapon for example was taken out & put into Guns & Energy Weapons & they added the Survival skill. 
  • Karma isn't generalized as it was in Fallout 3; there if you were good you were known as good everywhere & vice~ versa, even in places you've never been to. In FNV you might be idolized in Goodsprings but vilified in Novac depending on your actions.  
  • You can make things in this one (general aid items, ammo for weapons, some weapons types).   I like being able to make things, the powers that be just didn't go far enough with this, I'd have adored to actually be able to make & sell armor.  
  • Enemies don't level scale with out unlike the last Fallout. 
  • Hardcore mode. 
  • It feels a bit emptier then fallout 3, but then again F3 was set in D.C. while this one is set in the Mojave, so of course it's gonna feel emptier.  The music as more varied in the previous game IMHO. 
  • Buggy, but the recent patch (1.05) seems to be doing its job.  But in case I'm wrong,  the "cut  off" for the game freezing up seems to be when a savefile is over 4 MB in size.  Under this no freezes, over this...