jungle tree saplings

i have chopped many many jungle trees and have not received any saplings 

don't they drop at the moment 

also can you get pumpkin seeds from abandoned mine shafts like you can with melon seeds 


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I used a random seed after the update and jungle areas only came up at the corners and were small but from the few jungle trees I chopped very few saplings dropped after a short while. So the do drop. You just have to be patient. I have not come across any pumpkin seeds in any abandoned mines as of now. I fined more pumpkins randomly about.

i have a small jungle and i have chopped 10 - 20 jungle trees and not a single sapling has fallen 

as for the pumpkins i haven't found any yet and i have  searched the whole map

Make sure when you chop the trees down, you DON'T chop the leaves. If you don't chop the leaves, you are more likely to get saplings.

and an fyi, to get the really big jungle trees, which gives more leaf blocks, you need 4 saplings in a square. i don't think you can quick grow it though. i've gotten 8-12 saplings in each giant tree.

Handy tip: you can place 3 oak saplings and just one Jungle one in a square and then bonemeal yourself a huge jungle tree. Also, if you place them up against a wall with no room for the tree to grow and then bonemeal it, the oak saplings will turn into jungle saplings. This is a handy way to build your jungle saplings for a tree farm.

If you are lucky you can see the saplings floating in the leave blocks. Bang them and ya got a sapling. I usually just cut the trees and walk around chopping others and return for the few that drop. It is easier where the jungle is the least dense......

They don't drop as often as others i found the best way was to just build the big 2x2 trees they drop more sapling and farm them that way as I didn't want to start destroying my jungle... but I would say for every 4 saplings I was using I was getting 6-10 back...

i eventually managed to get 4 saplings this after destroying quite a bit of jungle 

but then i had  a bright idea to rename the map but by not concentrating whilst doing this i deleted the map 


but at least i got some saplings lol