Jumping to my death!

I don't know if anyone else out there had the problem of jumping to your death very early on in this game? It takes place pretty early on when your doing that rooftop race but before i can even get up there to race i cant seem to even climb up without the character doing a wall jump to his death. i tried for so long to not die but it kept on jumping off the wall. The games controls from the first game were so good why did they have to change them... I still haven't even tried to go back and play this it got to me that bad.... anyone else have this prob?


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Can't say I have had that issue, I managed to get from thourgh  the game and only encountered the one bomb bug. What level are you on I may be able to offer some advice.

Its just in the very beginning of the game where you have to race your friend or something. i get ahead of the guy but then i have trouble running up this wall to reach the ledge to get up and in the process the stupid character leaps to his death every time.

Ok if your chasing after someone early on in the game I'm gonna guess and say your doing the mission just after where you put a beating on the idiots on the bridge as Young Ezio and now have to follow Federico to the Doctors?

If I am right the best way to beat this challenge is by using your LT to lock onto Fedrico so it forces Ezio to follow him. Hopefully this will get you past this bit.

This will sound a little like I'm being a smart butt, but the best way to avoid the accidental wall jump is to just keep your thumb away from the A button while free running until you intend to jump, dont try to "ride" it like in the free runs of the first one. Also in that first free race with his brother, if you look to the side when you fist hit the roof you can see a short cut that puts you way ahead of him.