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After reading most of these posted threads on BF 3 I decided to return to the action to see what they did to the game with there updates. I was surprised not to see any of these so called rental servers from some of you all I saw was 9222PF2245 something like that as the servers titles. So where are these titles you keep posting about your servers because I only see numbers are listed ???????


Anyway, I was happy to see I had lasted several play through without dying after taken one step or two. It was nice to play the game without being shot by my own team members as it was when I first bought the game which made me stop playing the game.  However, I did notice I was able to pick up ribbons, and unlock items but when I went to update my weapon those items I unlocked were not open Hum….glue me in.


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did anyone answer .... i just bought a new xbox and had this problem when i somehow did not have all the updates. the night before on my old xbox it worked fine , you can type in dice for dice servers 420 for smokers and the such !!!