jump off the tallest building and glide over a minute.

I tried jumping off the tallest building, which I assume is the tower towards the end of the game, but it never lets me glide long enough. Can anyone help me with this achievment? Thanks.


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glide straight out and it will push you back, just keep going back

...What Lord Dirt said.

To elaborate a bit more: Climb to the highest point in Wonder Tower that you can, then jump off while holding down on the left analog thumb stick.  This will help you lengthen your glide time.  Make a beeline for the edge of the map and the game will automatically turn you around and deposit you back into the playable field.  As soon as you have control of Batman again, immediately turn around and head back to the end of the area.  Repeat this process over and over again until the achievement pops.  By the time you lose your lift, a minute should have gone by.  

The other way to do it is a bit more tricky as it requires you to know how to power dive and flare perfectly in order to gain more (or maintain) altitude.


you are supposed to do the power dive and swoop back up to maintain your glide,the other way is just using a glitch.

How is at glitch? I think you don't understand what a glitch is.

i mean you are suppose to use your gliding skills to stay up for a minute rather than hit the invisible edge of the city and bounce off.

it is very easy to do it the "right" way by diving and swooping back up,you actually end up higher after each swoop so technically you could be up there all day if you wanted.

Thanks guys, going to give it a try. But see every time I hit the invisible edge Batman automatically shoots his Bat gun thing and grab the ledge, which then stops my flight.

then do it the way i said instead.

make sure you go as high as you can possibly get on the tower first,don`t just do it from the elevator.

Best way is to glide around the tower, and do the dive bomb method to boost back up - I did it this way.

I tried flying out and bouncing back but with only 10 seconds kept grappling me back up to the tower.


What Lord Dirt is talking about is not a glitch, but an exploit.  There is a difference.  A glitch would be something like characters falling through the floors or getting stuck on a piece of the environment, or like most of the crazy stuff that happens in Skyrim.  Glitches are usually a fault (or incompatibility) in the programming code.  The situation that we are describing for the minute glide is taking advantage of a situation that the developers did not anticipate but part of the game anyway.  The developers coded the game properly (except for the missing save files thing).  Just because we found out a way to get an achievement that was not the "recommended way" doesn't make it glitching or cheating, simply taking advantage of an opportunity within the normal confines of the game's programming.  

The Bruce19 and CJDavie82;

The Wonder Tower area of the game has five invisible walls (that I know of) that separate that map from the other areas.  Four lateral walls (designating the edge of the map) and a bottom one.  For example, you cannot jump off the tower and glide to the city below.  Instead, you will hit the bottom invisible wall (floor?) and automatically be grappled back up the tower.  The exploit that Lord Dirt and I are talking about has you hitting the invisible wall (map limit) on the lateral (or Y axis) edge of the area, not the bottom.  So, instead of hitting the bottom limit on the map, you have to hit the lateral edge.  If you glide into the lateral edge, Batman will make a U-turn and glide back into the playable area.  If you glide or hit the bottom part of the map, then you will automatically grapple back up Wonder Tower.  Think of the 3D map area like a cardboard box with Wonder Tower in the middle.  The reason you are automatically grappling back up is because you are hitting the bottom of the cardboard box before you are hitting the sides.  You have to go as high as you can go and hold down on the thumb analog stick to lengthen your glide so you have enough room to hit the vertical edge of the map before you hit the floor.


Glitch,exploit whatever you like to call it,the developers intended you to get this particular achievement by making use of the gliding mechanics of the game not by using an "exploit/glitch"

This achievement is extremely easy to do the "expected" way and a lot more satisfying,i have no idea why someone would want to do it any other way.

I also never said it was cheating to do it your way.

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