dose anyone know if you can use a flightstick for the coppers and jets in bf3? if yes dose it mean reconneting pad when you change from plane to on foot.


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I just got rid of my Aviator flight stick. It worked with a ton of games. Some being XBLA, After burner and Snoopy flying aces was SUPER fun with it. Also it worked with Apache.

Tonight I will look over the fly controls for BF3 and see if would be possible. But I doubt it would be very convenient.

cool thank for taking the time to find out. i could not see anything in the setting or manual used to play bf1942 and veitnam on pc with a flightstick was only way off  flying the copper.  just find it a plain to fly the copper in bf3 but don't want to spend out the money on a xbox flightstick if it will not work in bf3.

I too am looking at an answer for this question. The controller is a PITA for flying in BF3.

I doubt it, if you could use a joystick it would mean playing as a soldier would be almost impossible.  The only way it could possibly work would be to plug your controller in, get in the chopper/plane, then unplug your controller and then plug in your flight stick.

My friend has BF3 for the comp and while he can configure the controls for his flight stick..its fubar-ed. Stuff like leaving the jet getting in a jeep hit "W" and the jeep shoots off in reverse.

I imagine if there is joystick compatability, it would work like this -

Use your wireless 360 controller for infantry / land vehicles.

The Flight Stick would be connected to your 360 through USB, and you would just put the controller down and use your joystick when you enter an aerial vehicle.

The aerial vehicles in this game are mostly simulation based, so it would make sense to include the functionality.

TBH I'm surprised / dissapointed BF3 didn't ship with a special edition that included a Flight Stick for 360. They could have made ALOT of $$$.

well...the easiest solution would be to link your wireless controller to port 1 (wirelessly ofcourse) ...then if it's even possible also link your wired flightstick (such as the Saitek AV8R for 360) to conotroller port you basically have 2 controllers connected to port 1 redundantly....seriously doubt the 360's software would allow for this, but it would be cool if you could...then you'd simply have to drop your normal controller and quickly pick up your flightstick when you grab a plane/chopper....second solution would be to give the player the option to link aircraft controls to port 2 on their console and plug your AV8R there

How did you go? Any joy?

Yes. Must know!

I agree. My last BF2 was on PC and i loved using flight stick with heli and jets. But trying to get the same feel on a controller is a pain. Since you cant really get 4 players on bf3 online . I would love the option of having the flight stick as Player 2 with the option in the settings to use controller 2 for flight modes and be able to config .

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