Joypadders Hot Lap Challenge

Hey everyone, I've set up a Hot Lap Challenge event on our website

It's a weekly event and you do it in your own time. We've only just started week 1 so feel free to visit us and see if it's something you'd be interested in.

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No one?

You do realise that for the first 5 weeks of your hot lap challenge, every single car on your leaderboard will either be a dodge dart, superbee or javelin?

The lower classes are currently pointless if you hot lap as these cars have a stupid PI bug/gitch/stupidly implemented PI decision (call it what you want) by T10 that allows them to be upgraded to 800+ bhp and still with decent handling. The only thing that suffers is the top end but as they accelerate so quickly and corner so well you basically just bounce off the limiter the whole way round the track leaving everything else in your wake

If i was you i would add a stipulation to your rules that doesn't allow anyone to use these cars in the lower classes

Like the site though!!!

Hmm, interesting points. I think a way round this would be to alter the rules and base each week's event on the Rivals feature instead to avoid any of the problems you mentioned. Some of our members had said that they would prefer a level playing field anyway.

Thanks for your feedback!