Joy Ride Turbo

Just bought the game yesterday and its actually pretty fun. There doesn't seem to be a seperate forum on this site for the game which kind of sucks. But it's a pretty good kart like racing game and only 800 points. You get like a bunch of racing tracks and 2 stunt tracks that you can just free-ride around in collecting trophies and Car parts to get new cars and achievements. If you like fun little racing games you'll probably like this one. Anyone else on here have the game, seems like most of my friend never even knew it came out the other day seeing as how there's like no advertising that it even came out. 


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wow didnt realize this thread was a year old.

Joyride is pretty fun..If you like this game you should check out Motocross Madness.Its basically the same but on dirt bikes and better tricks

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Kinect Joy Ride is an ok game, I enjoy it and so do my kids, Joy Ride Turbo is also a fun arcade game with a lot of the same options as the Kinect version, but without Kinect support.

Hey guys (and girls lol), got a question for you with the console version of Joy Ride (not Kinect). I've been playing this game split screen with my girlfriend and she likes it and all, just have one problem. I tend to be first (player) and she's normally second, so I initiate the game. I haven't had ANY problems at all with 'my' saves or any issues with the game, but her saves have disappeared twice. I'm not entirely retarded to the point where I'm picking the wrong save device (I've checked all 3, the Cloud, my HDD, and her Memory card) but it is seriously gone. I wouldn't mind if we barely did anything but after clearing the stunt park twice, it gets irritating. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?

My only guess, although illogical, is that since I bought the game and she's playing with me on my console, it might be acting stupid and deciding that she doesn't have the right privilege or something.

I checked out some videos of the game on Youtube and it seems like a pretty decent XBLA game it's also kind of nice that you get to race as your avatar as well adds more depth into it.


Now i understand it was supposed to be a Kinect title and free but come on... Kinect fails... Hard.. So it's no surprise they making you pay for it now that it's a regular controller game.


Also in my opinion since they were going to make you pay for extra cars and such on if it made Kinect title then it'd still wouldn't be "Free" So the fact that once you pay for it you get those juicy add ons for free (Least most from what i see or unlocked) it seems like a decent deal to me.. Just saying ^_^

I also thinking about getting the game, is there a lot of people playing it online ?

I got the game too so who want to race some laps? join to add me  

[quote user="Nameloi"]

Before it was turned into a Kinect title, Joy Ride was supposed to be a free XBLA game.


Obviously Joy Ride failed on the Kinect so they made this new one with real controllers and they expect us to pay now? pfftt


That was my first reaction, too.

Joy Ride Turbo for free would have been a great consolation for the intial Joy-Ride-is-free-oh-wait-haha-its a crap kinect game-ten dollars-please debacle.

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