Joshua Bandages

Am i the only one that wanted it  ? I wanted to explore NV as a mummy.


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Are you talking about Joshua Grahams armor?

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Are you talking about Joshua Grahams armor?




No he is talking about the White Bandages under his armor.


Yeah I was hoping that I would find some way to get some of those bandages because they look awesome.

hey man, can't complain when they gave us 1911's and Tommy guns

Yeah, I tried killing him because I thought that that would give me the bandages. One could wish..

I wanted them at first, but now I only want to kill mummies with my .45

I was hoping for the bandages too, but im happy enough with his armour and salt- apon-wounds crazy mask

He is such a badass. He was killing everyone before I could get a shot off during the final quest....



LOL that happened to me too..i was trying to kill the enemies with explosives to get the cheevo but he killed them fast with only one shot. He was better that Fawkes  and any compannion killing enemies.