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Hey guys first time really posting here so thought I start off in this section. I'm tired of making friends on xbox live, only to have them just be gamertags that fill up my friends list. I'm looking for people who like to play together, people who don't think of the message your sending them popping up on their screen is a nuisance. I like socializing and I have a ton of friends who play xbox. I mostly like to play my games at night, mostly. It's always fun to have a team with you going into Halo 4. When working together I think there is more motivation and fun to be when playing, that's what online gaming is about anyways right? Well I'm here I've looked at a couple sites and I don't really know how to get myself integrated into the forum world, but I hope here was at least a good start or a mistake to be learned, haha. Anways add me if you want down to play all games.


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Your more than welcome to join Team Shake. We have tons of players on many games. Our members are always playing with eachother so no one gets left behind.