Join Us- KSI United, Special Operation Division

Tired of playing alone? Looking for a team with a lot of active members? Then come join KSI United; one of the best communitys out their!.


Whats KSI United?

KSI stands for Knowledge, Strength, Intregity, We are a active clan/community with 2,000+ members! We have divisions, squads and more! Each Squad is based on a certain game. I'm in a Black Ops Squad called Seal Team 6. We are recruiting :)  We have an Elite Clan, Forums, Design Team, Competitive Teams and more!


Its not required to change your name, only if you want to. You must be 15+ with a working headset.


My Gametag is KSI MsKitten. Hit me up if you want to join :)


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