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You can continue reading and possibly be a part of the best experience of your gaming realm, Or you can go back scrolling the forum, and be a part of some little "Mom & Pop" clan that no one's heard about.


I'm sure in your time on Xbox LIVE, you have come across someone with a gamertag with three letters in it spelling "K.S.I.". Well, more likely than not, they were involved with the organization known as KSI. 

Our community (Not to be confused with look-a-likes) is the only "real" KSI out there. Currently standing at nearly 5,000-6,000 strong, we are without a doubt among the top communities in the Xbox LIVE gaming world. If you haven't already heard of us, here's your chance to listen in. 

What Gametypes do you play?

If you play a game on Xbox LIVE, we can find a home for you. I currently manage a Black Ops 2 portion of the community, but there is literally a little niche for every game in the book. If not, we'll definitely get you included somewhere! Again, if you DONT play Black Ops 2, we can still find a home for ya!

Is there an Age Limit?

While we are a very accepting community, and anyone can join, You must be above the age of 16. (Sorry kiddos). Besides, most of the games run M for Mature anyways, and we always enjoy keeping to the ratings guidelines!! 

Do I have to change my gamertag?

No, that's the beauty of it. While we encourage it, its not required to be a member of the community.

Well now, I've heard some nasty things about you guys...

And I'm sure you may have. One thing I explain to everyone when they say that they have heard some bad things about the community is this: Mostly everyone wants to be a part of the best. Those that can't, or that were not behaving like appropriate adults and were removed.... Always seem to say bad things just because their feelings are hurt. I CHALLENGE YOU to try it out, and decide for yourself. Or you can just keep taking your friend's word and let others think for you. :) That works too.

All that sounds good. I want to join.
Interested? Message my gamertag, and we'll get you taken care of. :) 


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