Welcome to the Xbox Online Gaming Community (XOGC). We are a gaming community who likes having fun,winning, and making new friends. We are currently 100+ members strong but are looking for more. You will always have someone to play with.

We currently play and have a clan/department for the following games: GTA4 TBOGT,Nascar 2011 The Game, COD Black Ops,Forza 3. We are now working on a starting a clan/department for FORZA 4, COD MW3, and Battlefield 3 when the games come out.. Join at

The LCUP is the XOGC's second largest clan. The LCUP is role-play/police clan for GTA 4 TBOGT. You can be a civilian or a cop. We play our games in team deathmatch. We sometimes have big cop shootouts. We are currently recruiting 5-10 civilians and 3-8 cops. So join now.

The NASCAR league (NNRL) currently has 25 members. We are looking for good,fun drivers for the 1,2,4,6,7,13,14,15,16,17,18,29, 31,33, 56,99,31,34,38,41and the 42.

We are currently working on the Forza league. IF you want to be the Leader of it contact Youngsterdade on Xbox live. The league can be a Drag, drift,or circuit league. We are also trying to start a Call of Duty, Halo, or a Battlefield clan. message if you want to be leader of it. 


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We are still recruiting, You do not have to change your gamertag to join but you can if you want to.

I am still recruiting for the COD Black Ops and the Halo clans. We have 20 spots open in both.

we are still recruiting. Join today