Join the Evolution! (BF3 Platoon 15+ Members)

Hello everyone.

I know this is simply another thread asking YOU the reader to join another worthless platoon. Well I'm not here to force you to join. No no I'm hear to make you want to join!

Evolution is a Xbox 360 clan that has a wide variety of gamers. Ages from 15 - 35. (I'm personally 22.)

We play like a family, and we never leave a man behind! We generally have up to 8 players at a time playing with us in individual servers, and its a blast! Teamwork never felt so great! Plus the clan tag looks cool too!

We play regular game-types, but we prefer Hardcore Conquest. A lot of us are old school BF2 players on PC, and Original Xbox. (This is what we are use to.)

Never fear though we do jump into Rush when we want to spice things up a bit!

Evolution is all about fun, and whats more fun then showing all your friends the cool stuff you've done in a game. Well, we have several members (including myself) that use HD PVR recording devices to make Battlefield 3 VIDEOS! 

We plan on doing some funny videos as well! We would love for you all to take part.

If you would like to join us then simply click the link below, and catch us online! Don't feel shy, intimated or pressured.

Some of the crew are Xbox Ambassadors who love to help out the Xbox Community as well as Platoon Evolution.

Told you that you'd want in!





Contact the gamertag: Renown Recon if you have any questions or concerns!


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