Join the Brotherhood!

Hail my brothers! our mystical order has now expanded to the far reaches of tamriel please message Grandmaster HKxSlashbang47 on xbox live to recieve your orders and initiation into the Brotherhood of DOLF, the DOLF DOLPHINS have returned. 

<<<Read further for mission details and a brief history of the DOLF>>>

We DOLF are descended from the great masters, only 2 pure bred DOLF remain: Grandmaster HKxSlashbang47 and Master Noobosoarus. These great beings are rebuilding the order, recruiting new DOLF and giving them the teaching's of the great Alzair' Dolfitore'. Along the way we try to unlock the mysteries of our ancestors an retake the world as our own. In the the name of the Brotherhood DOLF I devote thee!

>>Very Brief History of the DOLF<<<

We DOLF are the mystical beings which birthed far before mans arrival on this world. 
But our god grew jealous of our vast knowledge of the world she grew jealous of how far we advanced, we built a mind passage to the heavens without her consent. 
So she struck the DOLF and in a fatal winter which lasted 19 millenia our race was no more and man grew from the ice of our blood. 
But since man grew from that blood, they were imbued with our goddly race. Each man and woman has memories and powers of a previous life, that of the DOLF. 
Our order is all about unlocking your inner DOLF, to rebuild our race and begin anew. 
The Three and One guide us and with their consent we have been allowed great powers but our order is still shattered. 
We need more Brothers and Sisters only then will our order rise, only then will the true DOLF once again rule rule and explore the realms of this world. 

Join us 
Embrace The Power, 
Conquer All, 
We Are The DOLF, 
And We Shall Rise Again!


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