Join our new clan, the URC

We are the URC

United Requiem Cloalition

We are a group who is looking to legitimize itself with good players in halo:reach and other xbox live games( and minecraft)

we wish to recruit new memebers into the clan

when i say good i mean not just as a player, but as a person.

if you know you are a squeker then please move on.

as a bit of background, we are a group of friends who were betrayed by some dicks who are now classified as "the flood"

we are found anywhere on xbox, are games we play range from halo reach to assassins creed, you dont have to play with us all the time but it is recommended to.

any one is welcome but we are looking for more girls at the moment. no age limit but pedos will be put in a corner.

you can join and be a awesome mlg guy/girl or just a play for fun guy/girl

we do not require any changing of anything, we love you just the way you are

message me (bigfootQ7)  or Lonewolf5628 to join


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hey i messaged bigfoot, no answer yet, hit me up cuz i feel like playing