Join My Clan Death Spanky!!!!!!!!

Hey all you COD players out there who have not joined a clan yet. Im looking for new members to join my clan called Death Spanky. We only just started and right now its just me and my buddy hunter. we just reached level 2 and would love new members to rank up even more . If we get new members we can train together and learn each others strengths and weakness. And eventually tackle clan vs clan and show our stuff . Me and Hunter both own both the DLC and hope when you apply you do as well. We are not masters at COD but play to enjoy the thrill of it. So when you get a chance to apply plz do and I check my inbox often and will get back to you asap. one more thing those that do apply who have headsets will be the first to get a officers spot on the clan. Anywho good luck and happy hunting.


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Here is a link to the clan forums on Xbox Buy the way what is the age group to join I am 41 and love GHOST. love to join a group of older gamers plus am on the XB1..Thanlks

I don't think it matters where I post as long as its out there. also I should have included that this is for XB360, my bad. but if your still down, the age group is 20 plus due to the fact that we don't want kids playing on our team. All you have to do is apply and send me a message on live and we will add you. This reply is for Itswarpig, but it can also be for others that read this clan ad. thank you for looking and as always stay frosty and happy hunting.

20 plus sounds good but I am only on the XB1 if you roll over to the XB1 side keep me in mine. Thanks

I have sent you a message and a friend request. I have both DLC also.