We The Known Outlaws are recruiting!!

We are looking for gamers who are competitive, mature, 18+ of age and have fun when winning matches. We are an elite clan. Unlike some clans we have strategy and call outs. We are The Known Outlaws(KO). We have real teams who work hard to be where they are today. KO is about being a part of something bigger then yourself. Your voice, hard work, and dedication will not go unnoticed. Possibly even rewarded on your dedication to the clan. KO has been around for 6 years and has 20+ members. We are looking for spots to be filled in Reach, Black Ops, and Home Front at this time.

Games we play:

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Some clans don’t have this where everyone gets together on the same game and plays. Oh do we play as a team, wreck havoc on maps, cause people on the other teams to quit cause they fear us, and we have people challenge our strength. But KO also has fun, relaxed nature/competitive and over all enjoy each others company. We do not go by kills or who won us the match. We simply win for KO. We do not go by KD. We go by attitude, and how much you really want to be in a really awesome elite clan. You are stronger together than alone. If you are tired of rage quitters and team members quitting when you may have been able to win the match. Then come and give KO a try, we have structure, and we move as a unit. We also have many strong members in our clan who you will meet and simply enjoy the atmosphere that KO offers.

If interested please contact KO Tatsuke300 who is the recruit and Co-Leader in KO. They will direct you and try you out for KO material. The trial lasts up to ten days, this is mainly for attitude towards others and to see what you have in skill. Skill may place you on a team, which help us crush other clans and get us to victory. Looking forward to meeting a lot of you on the battle field!

The Known Outlaws!


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What does KO have to offer you? We have member of the month, our clan is small so any help you do will be rewarded. We have a thousand achievements for you to complete and will appear on your profile. We have events, KO Nights, and we are working on getting into tournaments. We have a lot to offer you here at KO. We do have a clan council meeting that you can be apart of and get your ideas or concerns out there! In KO we let the members get what they want out of KO. The admins provide the game play. Its an awesome clan, you have a 10 day trial and then you get to see what KO has in stored for you. Its an awesome clan if you are looking for team work, a good place to always find someone on. As we have said, we do not go by KD. We go for the W at the end of every match. Its an awesome atmosphere and I hope to see a lot of you on the battlefield! KO is open for recruitment if you are interested check us out at See you on the battlefield!



An awesome clan

You know you wanna join!

We have Team play along with strats. Our age limit is 16+ so if you are interested please feel free to check us out. If you want to learn more or see what is going on within the clan feel free to check us out on youtube KO Tatsuke300 and Raistlin. You can also follow us on Twitter, and soon Face book! Hope to see you on the battlefield!

If you are tired of gamers quitting on your team then this is the place for you! We have a lot going on in KO and we are always looking for gamers who love to have a good time and play to win with having fun. If you are looking for a competitive clan that is us. We are an elite clan that has many options and skilled gamers. If you are interested in our clan why wait? Sign up today and see what we have to offer!