Join In Progress Not Working For DLC Maps

I have noticed that join in progress never happens when players on my team quit. It works when I pick the Crimson specific playlist, but not when I play CTF and we choose Wreckage or Harvest. This has gotten so annoying lately that I'm thinking of deleting the maps from my harddrive. Any idea why this was such a huge oversight by 343?

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And I find it unlikely that there's never a single person doing a search for CTF alone that doesn't have the Crimson map pack.

I mean that does* have the map pack.

I guess I'm the only one on the forum that plays a lot of CTF and has the maps.  Hoooooooo K.

LOL, No Almas you're not.  I just never noticed because most of the time I play with a nearly full party.  I did notice that quitters on the other team don't get replaced though.  Found that odd but didn't think much about it since we were winning.  

Well last night I finally saw the x's get replaced on Wreckage but that was only just before the game started.  Once it starts, they never get replaced.  I haven't won a single CTF match in 2 days.  It's been THAT bad. I usually party up with just 1 friend and he and I always end up outnumbered or with some AFK douches. We finally gave up and played some Slayer and got on the winning track again.