Join For Minecraft XBL Team

Looking for people who like to play minecraft alot, either survival or creative!
I have not yet got a name for the team (please give suggestions)  and haven't got any members, which is why
I'm making this post.

I'm currently  working on a good sized hunger games map which will be available for download when complete!
If you have any specialists areas on minecraft -for example, good with redstone- please specify! 

Hopefully this post will attract a handful of players who are willing to join this team to be!

Add my gamertag: vI iXenzZ Vx

If you have trouble adding me please put your gamertag in a reply and i will add you!

ALSO if you feel your not good at building, we will be needing moderators for when maps are hosted!



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How will you make the map available for download?

I will upload it via usb, and then you can use a program like horizon to install it! Youtube something like 'How to download maps for minecraft xbox edition' :P

Forgot to say you will need a usb yourself to because you need to download it onto the usb!

Lol m8 am waiting to see someone say if this is legal or not, sounds intriguing aye

It's perfectly legal, its not an official XBL team working for microsoft or anything, just a group of people who do projects :). Sorry for any confusion.


keep on posting your gt guys!

I am a specialist in every area. Best areas are making parkour, building structures, mining and gathering supplies, and killing mobs and opponents. My gamertag is Speedbolt14. Part of SkyArmy.