Johnson's Errand Game Issue Need Help

I've made it to Sequence 2 Johnson's Errand and have reached the point that I have to blow the barrels with the gun to get past the gate where the mercs have isolated themselves and am stuck due to game mechanics.  

I can move in a 360 degree motion but can't move forward (Belive this is intended) Pick up the musket able to reload it use Eagle vision  get the location just unable to target with my gun.  Any recomendations?  I was on the phone with Xbox (after a 40 minute hold) they recommended clearing hard drive catch and unplugging the Xbox for 30-60 minutes.  Did this and started back in and still same issue.  

Any recommended fixes?  I'm at the point of restarting from the beginning on the ship and going from there cayse right now this is a game stopper and if I can't find a fix in the next few days I'm returning the game insisting on full refund on grounds the game is bugged and I am unable to play it.  If it makes any difference it was the Target Exclusive version of the game.


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It has nothing to do with Xbox, it's ubisoft