jets vs infantry

so my last game was rush: op. firestorm and i was in a jet the whole game. luckily their team didnt have the greatest pilots so it was easy stayin up all round. im not big into jets but i found a good way to spot and take out infantry with them. i use guided missile to spot and mark them.(it has a thermal view)  then just get close enough for the red marker to appear and then i fire my main cannons :) its actually a good tactic imo.since rocket pods dmg sucks vs infantry. i got like 8-11 kills on foot mobiles. too bad that the jets are glitched on this map and dont give exp towards them.:( This post was just out of boredom but maybe it will help someone : \ or if anyone has some other tips for this topic id be interested.


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The best way to kill enemies on foot is via roadkills.


I also had a free flight game earlier...Rush on Caspian, enemy team had no defense against me in a jet. Finished 15-2 (died twice trying to roadkill kids in their deployment). 13 vehicle destroys, 4110+

No... that's the easiest way for you. I find that just looking at high traffic areas and spamming the spot button once or twice shows a couple up, after that it's easy pickings