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I am interested in getting this game and I was wondering, if I play with the Jets will it automatically pull out Sanchez for Tebow everyonce in a while? As the Jets did earlier this season? Thanks for the help!


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Nope, you are in controll of your rosters. Only time, that I know of, it will do auto-subs is during Pre-season games.

you can set auto subs to do that for you if that's what you like... it's up to you bro

Like a previous person said if you have auto-subs on it will. I personally find it kind of frustrating because when I use the Jets I start Tebow,but if I call a QB draw it will sub in Sanchez. For that reason I have to call a pass play and audible or just "tuck and run" if I want to do a designed draw with Tebow as the starter.

Another solution is on the formation screen you can sub in Tebow on certain packages before actually picking your play between snaps