Jet vs Chopper death amusement

Okay,I was being a nub in rush waiting for this guy in a chopper to crash but he didn't for 10 complete minutes. So i got in a jet put afterburners on rammed my jet into his chopper jet took 10 damage and lost control for several seconds and the heli was completely destroyed. Anybody have hilarious moments like that.I have more but I'm to busy attending to myself because I took an arrow in the knee

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You're a douche.

[quote user="Waykam"]

You're a douche.


Often times I suicide a chopper because my guns won't kill him fast enough

Yeah, you're a douche.

I did do this one time though, a friend and I got in the helicopter at the beginning of the game and we killing dudes off of flags but we were still losing, then I crashed while dodging a rocket and came to see there were 3 teammates that had been waiting for 10 minutes since the beginning of the match for the helicopter that was still up. They got in it so I rammed them.


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