Jet controls.

I want to invert the jet controls but I cant find an option to do so, I can invert the heli controls fine but not the Jets. The layout doesnt do it. Ive tried Default, Legacy and south paws settings.

When I pull back on a flight stick I expect the nose to pitch up not down. I just find the current lay out counter intuitive to the way I normally fly in flight sims.

Any one got any idea how to do it?


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Ok well ill have another look at it. Sorry for confusing anyone.

This is what i was explaining:

Pull the stick back (towards me) I was seeing the nose drop.

Push the stick forward (away from me) I was seeing the nose raise.

I'm used to the opposite when flying stuff.

Contradicting posts are contradicting...


OP says you expect the nose to pitch up when you pull back. (back = down)

Post above says pushing the stick up makes the nose go down...


Stick down, nose up.  Stick up, nose down.


You said you expect it that way, but then you want it the other way???


Flight controls ACTUALLY work the way Default is...  which is inverted.

But pushing the stick up make the nose go down and vice versa. I'd like it the other way. The way flight controls actually work.

default is inverted.  the right stick controls roll and pitch.  left stick controls the rudder