Jerking /Lag ever since the last xbox update, anyone else seen this?

Since the Kinect patch the other day Battlefield is unplayable in Multiplayer.

My Character keeps stuttering when running but its not a lag issue, I have a 50mg line, ping is fine and no one else is lagging.

Its just jerking every couple to seconds making movement difficult.  I have reopened ports, formatted the HDD, rolled back the update and reinstalled the game, still the same.. if anyone has had the same  issue adn knows a fix please let me know


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The update on last Thursday or Friday messed up my BF3 profile and corrupted it.  It also messed up my netflix.  I had to delete both and reinstall.  The issue I had with Bf3 was a little different than yours.  It would tell me my profile was corrupt and when I would try to join a game it would either lag or just give me a black screen with the flashing box in the lower left hand side of the screen.

It sounds like you may have already deleted your profile for BF3 since you formatted the harddrive and you shouldn't have issues with joining servers over seas since you have a 50Mb connection.  I guess my only question would be is if your hard wired to your router or wireless.  Have you tried a friends xbox at your house?

aaaah try clearing your cache i hear ppl use that word alot when these things happen..srry im not more help