JaX - Success or Death. Read this post, you probably won't regret it.

Hello. I am posting today to inform people about my clan, which name is JaX. I am currently recruiting members, with little luck. I am looking for people that are DEVOTED to succeed. Our clan motto is "Success or Death". I will succeed, or I will die attempting to. I'm a VERY devoted leader, and I'd die for my clan. Not just in some silly game, I would die in real life. Call me a no-life, but that's how badly I want to succeed. I give my heart and my soul to my clan members. They are my pride and soul. I am inviting people to try out for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We are mainly a brony clan, I, myself, am a hardcore brony. But, it's definately not mandatory. If you are a person that thinks try-harding 100% of the time is wrong, then please don't insult me. I always try my hardest, because that's how you get better at things. We are a Minecraft, Happy Wars, and Black Ops clan. But, it is mainly Minecraft. If you'd like to chat, or check out my world, then send me a message at JaX RainbowDash (my GT) and I will invite you to a party when I am online. Alternatively, you can call or text me at (502) 224 - 3103. If I do not answer, I am at school. I am at school from 7:25 to 3:00 EST. You can text me while I am at school, though. As I said before, I am very devoted, and I WILL SUCCEED. If you'd like to be a part of this - be my guest. This is an offer that I recommend you not pass up. I am currently working to get money to buy recording equipment to go on YouTube. I do not yet have a channel, but anyways, if you are interested, please send me a message on XBox Live, call, or text me. You MUST have a mic, and any age is allowed. Please, no Kinect mics. I'm not very demanding for skill, just a desire to succeed. Goodbye, and peace off.

"You have two options. Succeeding in your goals, or die trying to do so." - JaX RainbowDash
"Ability is not worth as much as desire." - JaX RainbowDash
"I like ponies." - JaX RainbowDash
"I really like ponies" - JaX RainbowDash
"Try-harding is a really good thing." - JaX RainbowDash
"Seriously, what's wrong with try-harding?" - JaX RainbowDash          


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