Jammer Points

So I've been wondering - why is the Jammer the only thing that the Engineer can't earn points from (other than Smoke Grenades)? The Jammer can be a massively important item to a team winning a game, but other than the 150 "Used Next to an Objective" points (which is often a bad place to put the Jammer), it gets no points at all for it being used.

I figure that since the Intel items give 200 points for Intel Assists, the Jammer should give 100 points every time it blocks an Intel item, and 75 points every time an enemy dies within its radius.

Something and as influential as the Jammer should give something more than just the cold recognition that you're probably the reason your team didn't get murked half as much as they were going to without your help.


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i agree , i always use the jammer ,  and it stinks that you dont get points for it.   although using the jammer next to the objective gets you 300 this weekend because of the  Double Xp.

So do I... it is strange that a few key items have no XP value to them.  Jammer seems like a pretty big one.  I have a rifleman with ammo box, and I'm getting the points for using it next to an objective, plus another 100 (or 200 for the double) each time someone resupplies.

I love playing as a Rifleman and hearing my engineer teammate place a Jammer near an Objective, Very helpful.