jake muller is actually 15

okay, so RE 1 took place in 1998. RE6 takes place in 2013. that is only 15 years. so if alex wesker got infected during RE 1 and had jake, jake would be 15 in RE 6. think about it, jake is immune to the C-virus because his dad alex was infected with one of the virus, which he could only have gotten in n1998 at the earliest. alex wesker passed on the immunity to jake. yet RE 6 says jake is 21. sheery was 5 years old in RE 2, so her being 21 makes sense. unless i missed something in the RE 6 story line. what do you guys think?


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It makes sense, but Wesker also appeared in Resident Evil 0, unless Resident Evil 0 does not count in the official story of all the series, since it appeared afterwards.

I figured that Albert Wesker's immunity was due to a unique genetic makeup that he was born with.  This genetic makeup was inherited by his son.

I don't think there was anything in RE6 that said that the T-Virus Wesker was exposed to in RE1 caused the immunity.  So Jakle could have been conceived anytime, and Wesker's genetic information would have passed on to him.  Maybe Wesker wasn't even aware of his own special genetics at the time.

resident evil zero took place at the same time of RE 1. it shows how rebbeca chambers made it to the mansion. and i thought according to resident evil story line, during or sometime after RE1 albert wesker was give one of the virus's.

Yes, Wesker did indeed get injected/infected with the T-Virus in RE1.  You are right about that, of course.

But the T-Virus isn't what made Wesker unique.  His abnormal genetic structure was.  If he didn't have his own inborn genetic immunity to weird viruses, the T-Virus probably would have just turned him into a zombie, like everyone else infected in the mansion and lab in RE1. Instead, Wesker's superior/unique genetics caused him to form a symbiotic bond with the virus and gain great superhuman strength and powers from it (which we see for the first time in Code Veronica).  

It is Wesker's unique special genetic code that was passed on to his son, not the T-virus.  Yes, you are right that Wesker was infected with the T-Virus well after Jake was conceived.  But that doesn't matter.  Wesker didn't pass the virus on to Jake.  Like all parents, he passed his genetic code onto his son. These genes are what cause Jake to have the same power to resist all the weird viruses that Wesker had.  Jake inherited that ability from his dad, just like we inherit our eye color or hair color from out parents in real life.

So Wesker met Jake's mom and impregnated her years before the events of RE1, and I don't think that causes any contradictions or makes Jake a teenager in RE6.

okay. i thought a form of the t-virus gave wesker his powers. thats how all bosses are made in RE. they get a dose of one of the virus's and mutate into a giant monster or become a supervillian like wesker.

This discussion has been interesting, I don't know if this will sound stupid, but when Wesker was with spencer in the mansion scene, he said that various wesker children were experimented on, but few actually survived, how do we know if Jake is Albert Wesker's son and not of the others that survived, I don't remember that Jake was mentioned to be precisely Albert Wesker's son on RE6, anyone correct me if I'm wrong.


It was said that Albert was Jake's father. That carla? or whoever she was actually says so. That cutscene you get when Jake and Sherry get captured.

Jake Muller is 20 years old in the RE6, it said it in the RE6 guide book. Jake was born around 1992-1993 way before the incidents at raccoon city. That would put Albert in his teen-adult years so probably a one night stand.

P.S. Sherry was 26 in RE6.

so umbrella use wesker to make children to be injected with their virus's because of wesker's immunity to virus's? that's what i am getting for chrisredfeild72's post.

if that's true then how come Jake has been left alone for years struggling as a mercenary until RE6? He should be raised in a lab consider that's why he's been given birth in the first place. I go for ONS without birth control although the carelessness doesn't really fit the character... or maybe it is just one way CAPCOM taking care of wesker's fans~ The topic is really interesting though

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