IW's treatment of legacy CoD4 & PC treatment of MW2 has convinced me to not purchase MW3.

Well, I decided to pick up CoD4 and play it a little, and oh my. Every lobby has flagrant spamming of crap like "for lol mods lol join moddedlol.com" (which, in itself, seems like it's tied to a phishing site, pay real money to get "VIP" features of the site)

But the spam isn't the problem, every lobby is modded. There may be an exploit on bog to get under the map, but I have yet to actually spectate a legit player getting under it. People on top of Vacant, which isn't possible playing legit.


Oh, forgot about the aimbots and speedmods. I was playing some Cage Match for some sadistic reason (knowing there was a 99.9% chance of everyone using the same guns and perks, and modding up the @@@.)  Ends up being Bog, I hold my own against a guy who seems ridiculously good, but of course, i take him to 8 -9 in my favor, so he goes under the map, and obviously aimbots to my head with the M40, and kills me to make it tied at 9 all. I dashboarded out of that crap.


I've filed more system tampering complaints in the last week, than I have in the last 4 years combined.


About MW2 on the PC... User created content drives most PC games well after the engine and default assets have been explored and played to their fullest. I do not care if IW changed their stance on user created content, what they said is what they want. And any change in their stance (if any) was a concession because of bad PR from not allowing ANY custom settings outside of any on the console version.

I'm completely ignoring any gameplay balance issues (oh lawds are there plenty), as they are out of scope of this rant.


Basically, IW has dissapointed me since CoD 4. The quality (and support) of their products has dropped significantly, and get your hands off me you damn dirty ape!


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i was on it last night and didnt come across one text across the screen thing..just one player who was shooting thru walls..when i told him id taken a pic of the screen he never did it again..go on it again its much much better now..just beware the derankers if there are any on there..read the whole of the cod 4 forum about deranking..think its on page 2

Well the reason why you aren't seeing too many text across the screen orion is because i've found some ppl hacking without any text showing up on the screen. I played a game last night where the whole other team had infections and getting on top of the roof on Strike and not 1 text appeared on the screen. So even if you dont see any text on the screen there is still plenty of ppl with infections and is hacking

You shouldn't let their past actions affect your future ones. BO put some serious pressure on IW/Sledgehammer/Ravan to make their game as clean as Black Ops and if they can't compete, I think the community as a whole will reject them.














I have owned MW3 for about four days & online play is not even fun, way to many cheaters (who think they are "good"). I am going to finish the campaign mode & sell the game on eBay. Ridiculous.

Be careful on cod4, I got hacked in a cage match and posted it in here and they don't believe it's real so I would advice not playing cod4 if you like your account. Just waiting now to get the banned message on it....

wow yall so mean to them they are trying to make money

Try getting a legit job like flipping burgers. At least you can legally kill people and possibly feed the family on the cheap.