ive never played the new CoDs

Hi guys, now i just wanna know what the deal is about the CoD series. I havent played it since CoD2 when the 360 launched in 05 and ive only been playing online since the start of the year. Now, since joining live ive heard tonnes of stories about CoD, the hackers,screaming kids, "copy N paste" from old CoDs and have just been thinking wtf???. So my point is that i just put a pre-order down for BF3(never played either) and i was wondering if i should even bother with CoD MW3 coz ppl saying BF3 is better, but whatever i dont know, is every shooter in the future gonna be riddled with hackers and cheats that dont have anything better to do than get their name on top of a virtual geeky leaderboard?


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PS Sniper is the first shooter ive tried online thats how far behind i am lol

Black Ops has absolutely no cheaters/hackers/modders. They are pretty much a copy-and-paste type game, but still usually fun to play despite the annoyances. At this point, of the 4 popular CoD's, (CoD4, Waw, MW2, Black Ops), Black Ops is the only playable one. CoD4 is full of people hacking/glitching, or just being dumb. WaW was full of cheaters. MW2 is the worst MP game ever created. Black Ops is good, but like I said, is littered with BS. But like 65-70% of the games are good. Too much crap in others.

If you had to try one of the newer CoD's, I'd try Black Ops.  It will be somewhat moderated until Treyarch focus on their next game at least.

Modern Warfare 2 is fine now, all of the hackers are gone now. Just don't accept any random invites you get from random people. This goes for all Call of Duties. The reason people say "copy and paste" gameplay is because they've been using the same engine for the game since the xbox was launched. People who say BF3 is indisputably better are just fanboys. You can't compare Call of Duty and Battlefield. They're totally different games. One is psudo-realistic (Battlefield) and in the other the only semi-realistic things are the guns (Call of Duty). I won't be buying Modern Warfare 3 because it will be the same thing as Modern Warfare 2. It uses the same engine as Modern Warfare 2, it uses most of the same skins as Modern Warfare 2, and just generally much more of the same. Does that mean The game will be "bad"? Does that mean I hate Call of Duty fans? No and no. For me it is just been there, done that and to me it doesn't justify a 60 dollar day one purchase. I will however be buying Battlefield 3 day one because it has a completely new engine and lots of new gameplay such as jets, little birds and new destruction features. I really don't care what you buy. If you want to buy Modern Warfare 3 go ahead. You will probably have a lot of fun with it. The reason a lot more people are starting to hate on Call of Duty is because they've been playing the same game since Call of Duty 4: Modern warfare. So that was 4. Now, believe it or not we are on 8. Thats why. People get bored with stuff.

they havent changed that much except a few things 1)campers up the butt in thst game and the developer 2)the squeaker population has increased 10 fold since cod 4 and dont you guys even dare try to say im bsing this 3)the game is unbalanced. most people know you have to pass a certain amount levels before you actually get a decent gun. along the way youll be treated anal raping done daily by the online community who  yells the word f.a.g like homophobic time bombs then .once your at the very last level and in your prime the give the y ou a "upgrade" call prestige where they take all your guns and perks and bring you bk at square 1 so you can indure more rapage by your homphobic overlords  4)in blacks ops nuketown is your enemy

Get whatever you want. There seems to be a way that people find out how to mod in each COD game. In World At War, Modern Warfare 2, and COD4 it is literally crawling with cheaters that enable god mode. In Black ops there hasn't been much modding online besides the 15th prestige lobbies.

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I wouldn't bother with it. Just save your money for BF3/Gears3.


I agree with most of what has been said in this thread so far.

I am not looking to troll or start a board war as this is just my thoughts and feel free to disagree.

I do not see the fun in black ops and only play it as that is what my mates play as they are fan boys of the game and series, so this means in order to be able to play on live with my old school mates (im 30) I have to play black ops :-(

If it were not for that fact I would not touch it and still do not know why I bother maybe just to be social I guess, I can bet that I am not the only one in this situation either and the good old peer pressure to play what everyone else is playing kicks in or your left playing other games with strangers or playing solo.

I can not stand in black ops the whole run and gun and players running around a corner and taking a dive on the ground every second as to me this is no better than the old school method of running around jumping.

Until the tide changes I guess I am stuck in this game.

Just my honest opinion

I'll throw in another vote for Black Ops. One of the most balanced, and has no hax0rz.

I like how no one here has Modern Warfare 2 on their recently played games and says that it is full of hackers. Also, to the guy who said you get terrible guns until the highest level; what about the UMP, the Intervention, the RPD, the M4 and FAMAS. If you think these are terrible weapons, just look at the Mini Uzi and the AK-47. Two of the worst weapons in the game and you unlock them last.

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